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our values, explained

Fresh ideas in politics are really important. But so too are values – they’re the difference between fresh-constructive and fresh-“uh-oh”. Watch these videos and it’ll be pretty clear what’s guiding our behaviors as an organization, and informing our thinking as we develop policy positions.


Think kiwis deserve the best Possible solutions? so do we. #rarkitup

What do we need to #futureproofsociety? Well for a start, we need a vision for that future. For Civic, it’s an Aotearoa NZ in which everyone gets a fair go, and people and ecosystems are set up to thrive. To get there, work needs to start now. That means coming up with workable, long-term solutions founded on the best available evidence, research and thinking. And an informed, engaged society to contribute to vibrancy, now and into the future.

Civic’s board minutes, published

Here’s our version of #nakedpolitics: click to view our minutes >

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Civic is a political action group dedicated to defending our democracy. A representative, participatory democracy will will allow us to tackle the big gnarly problems that demand long-term, transpartisan, evidence-based solutions. We want Aotearoa NZ to live up to its hype.

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