Democracy works when citizens are actively involved – because that’s how we get to hold our governments to account for the job we all elected them to do

to #futureproof society we need to

strengthen democracy

in aotearoa NZ


demands more


in government

Journalists and NGOs tell us it’s becoming harder to get information out of government – who in turn say that changing the current back-room-dealing culture isn't a priority

if we hope to #defendthefuture, then

research-based policy

must be the standard

We prioritise experience, science and evidence over popular support, faith or political ideologies — and readily change in response to new, verified evidence

Between the extremes of dismissal of the facts, and despair at the issues that threaten future global wellbeing, is the conviction that humans have what it takes to solve the problems we create. Civic is a home for everyone who shares that conviction

if you’re a

#posSibilist,then your


probably align with ours

we can make more change – if you

give a little

of yours

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Civic is a political action group dedicated to defending our democracy. A representative, participatory democracy will will allow us to tackle the big gnarly problems that demand long-term, transpartisan, evidence-based solutions. We want Aotearoa NZ to live up to its hype.

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