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Here you'll find the projects we’re working on to #defendthefuture of Aotearoa NZ. If you haven’t already told us what you’d like to see change – in terms of how we take care of our society, our environment, our economy, our collective health and wellbeing ... anything, really – scroll down or click here to add it to the list.​

strengthening Aotearoa NZ’s democracy takes a lot. civic’s activities will be as effective as our resources allow. We’d love your support – and any cash you can spare to fuel our campaigns.

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we’re here to serve kiwis.

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If you'd like to hear back from us, or to get updates as we make progress towards a better, fairer, healthier Aotearoa NZ, give us a few details and we'll take care of it:

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Civic is a political action group dedicated to defending our democracy. A representative, participatory democracy will will allow us to tackle the big gnarly problems that demand long-term, transpartisan, evidence-based solutions. We want Aotearoa NZ to live up to its hype.

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